Careers in Geography

Almost any issue can be studied from a geographical perspective. Marketing. Crime. Conservation. Education. Politics. Tourism. Retailing. Transport. Social services. The list goes on.

Whether you're technology-minded, or more into social science, the reality is that geographical knowledge and skills – or a basic awareness of geographical ways of thinking – can be useful and relevant in any number of occupations. Click on a job title for a description of the job, and what it's like on a day-to-day basis. (If you find that some of our links don't work, sorry but we rarely have time to check them. You might like to try a newer Australian site GeoCareers.)




GIS Analyst

Wildlife Ecologist

Transportation Planner

Remote Sensing/Aerial Photo Analyst

Soil Conservation Specialist

Urban and Regional Planner

Cartographer/Computer Mapper


Cultural Heritage Manager


Ecotourism Planner

Census Bureau Analyst

Geospatial Analyst

Environmental Management

Travel Agent

Park Ranger

Area Specialist


Market Researcher


and Geographic Education

Many other possibilities exist for geographers today – the only limit is your imagination!

There are lots of websites, here in Australia and overseas, that can help you locate available positions for geographers. Below are just a few.

Jobs in Planning

GIS Jobs International


Natural Resource Management Jobs

Earthwatch Institute Australia

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse

Geosearch Inc

Geo Job Source



Queensland Government Jobs