Qld by Degrees

Queensland by Degrees: A Community Geography

Help us create a comprehensive and unique geography of Queensland – a project initially set up to celebrate our state's 150th birthday.

In the Queensland by Degrees project, Society members, students and other community members visit and record geographical descriptions of the 185 points in Queensland where whole degree lines of latitude and longitude intersect, for instance at 23ºS 138ºE or 27ºS 153ºE.

This is providing a systematic description and visual record of the geography at each point, which is supplemented by information on the "degree square" of which it is the centre (approx 55 km to the N, S, E and W of the point). Collectively, the information shows the character, dynamics and interactions of Queensland's places, regions and landscapes. Details on each of the junction points are progressively added to this website.

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For more information, contact the Society's office at info@rgsq.org.au, ph 07 3368 2066.

This project was inspired by the worldwide Degree Confluence Project. Our project is compiling a more comprehensive geographical description of the area immediately around the point, and of the degree square surrounding it, the latter encompassing all of Queensland