Education Overview

The Society is vitally concerned to encourage students to study geography, and to assist teachers to improve the quality of geographic education. Two major focuses are the organisation of an Australia-wide geography competition for school students, and making submissions on matters affecting geography curriculums.

Australian Geography Competition
We organise the Australian Geography Competition for secondary students. This is a joint project with the Australian Geography Teachers' Assoc (AGTA). This competition is held in schools and from this, students have the opportunity to participate in Geography's Big Week Out for Year 11 students, and the International Geography Olympiad.

Australian Curriculum: Geography
The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is an independent statutory authority responsible for Australian school curriculum, assessment and reporting. The Australian Curriculum: Geography can be found on the ACARA website.

In the lead up to the national geography curriculum our Society undertook a major project in cooperation with AGTA, the Institute of Australian Geographers, and other geographical societies to prepare for the forthcoming curriculum. The geographical societies in Australia recognised the need to undertake consultation and research designed to inform the development of the curriculum, and contribute to the work of ACARA. We wrote a joint report with our views on the rationale, content, structure and organisation of a national curriculum in geography. You can download the comprehensive background report, from the Australian Academy of Science website.

Other Activities
Other education-related activities include:

  • commissioning some examplar curriculum units to demonstrate good teaching of geography using the SOSE syllabus
  • publishing posters and brochures for use in schools
  • lending library resources, e.g. audiovisual material for use in the classroom, journals for professional reading
  • awarding prizes to top University geography students
  • maintaining lists of links useful for teachers