Gulf of Carpentaria Scientific Expedition Report

Listed below are the research reports, which form the bulk of the publication. Click on the "order form" on the publications main page order this publication.

Paul Feeney and Lyn Comben

Organisation of the Gulf of Carpentaria Scientific Study

P. Saenger

Sweers Island: changes over two hundred years since Flinders' visit

Brett J. Stubbs

The 'McKenzie massacre' on Bentinck Island: unravelling the myth

Geoff Wharton

The Pennefather River: place of Australian national heritage

Dennis Black

Terrestrial invertebrates in the Pennefather River area

Y.R. Carden and S.J. Gale

Assessing the impact of human activity on the groundwater chemistry of a small, hydrologically-simple tropical island: Sweers Island, Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia

J.R. Clarkson and D.J. Mabberley

Under the watchful eye of centinels: Robert Brown at the Pennefather River

Greg Daniels

The butterflies of the eastern and southern Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland, taken during the Flinders Bicentenary Expedition, October-November 2002

Peter J.F. Davie

A survey of decapod and stomatopof crustacea of Sweers Island, southern Gulf of Carpentaria

A. Ewart

Cicadas of the Pennefather River - Weipa areas, October/November 2002, with comparative notes on the cicadas from Heathlands Cape York Peninsula

S.J. Gale and Y.R. Carden

The archaeology of native wells: Aboriginal Wells on Sweers Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria of northern Australia

David Gillieson

Coastal geomorphology and historic change in the Pennefather River area, Cape York

Sue Gould

Report to the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland on the birds observed during the trip to Pennefather River, Cape York Peninsula, 3 to 10 November 2002

Penelope Greenslade

Collembola (springtails) of Sweers Island and Pennefather River with notes on other ground invertebrates

Jeffrey W. Johnson and
Anthony C. Gill

Reef and shore fishes of Sweers Island, Gulf of Carpentaria

A.S. Kutt, E.E. Bolitho, R.W.R. Retallick and J.E. Kemp

Pattern and change in the terrestrial vertebrate fauna of the Pennefather River, Gulf of Carpentaria, Cape York Peninsula

Glynn Maynard, Kathryn Sparks and Thomas Brosch

Faunistic studies on insects with particular reference to Hymenoptera: Apoidea

Paul O'Neill, Rod Elder

The seabirds and shorebirds of Bountiful and Sweers Islands and Locust Rock, Wellesley Islands, southern Gulf of Carpentaria

Andrew Page

Visual survey of non-cryptic reef fish communities from Sweers Island and a comparison with reef fish communities from other islands in the Wellesley Group

Myriam Preker and Ian Lawn

Hydroids (Hydrozoa: Leptolida) from the Wellesley Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria

Brett J. Stubbs

Sweers Island lime: an historical-archaeological reconstruction of an early-twentieth century limeston mining and lime-burning operation in the Gulf of Carpentaria

M.B. Thomas and L. Pedley

In the footsteps of Robert Brown, 200 years on – plant collecting on Sweers, Bentinck and North Bountiful Islands – November 2002