Useful links

OK. We've given up. We don't have time to keep a "useful links" type page up to date, and with the web constantly proliferating, we don't have the resources to keep track of new sites. Instead we are linking to some other geographical organisations, mainly Australian. Some of these sites do have comprehensive links pages. Plus there are three large link sites given at the end of the list.

Geographical societies

Geography teachers' associations
Some of these, e.g. Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, have links to sites which are of interest to geography teachers and students, and have an Australian bias.

Major link sites

    Geosource web resources for human geography, physical geography, planning, geoscience and environmental science, over 4350 links
    Guide to Australia aims to be an encyclopaedic collection of links to information about Australia
    Oddens over 14,000 cartographic links