The Council

The Society is managed by a voluntary elected Council. The 2016/17 Council:

Prof James Shulmeister

Vice Presidents     
Dr Iraphne Childs
Mr Dal Anderson

Ms Margaret McIvor

Mr Christopher Spriggs

Investment and Property Officer             
Mr John Nowill

Mr Robert (Bob) Abnett
Mr Paul Broad
Ms Margaret Keates
Mr Anthony (Tony) Hillier
Mr Leo Scanlan
Ms Margaret McIvor
Ms Kathryn Scott

Bernard Fitzpatrick (Executive Officer)
Lilia Darii (Business Manager)
Gail Orr (Administration Assistant)

Committees and Convenors:
Australian Geography Competition - Ms Margaret McIvor
Finance and Building - Mr John Nowill
Honours - Dr Iraphne Childs
Scientific Studies Advisory - Mr Tony Hillier
Treks and Activities - Mr Leo Scanlan