Cravens Peak Publication

Cravens Peak Scientific Study Publication.

The publication reports the findings of the Craven Peak Scientific Study, fieldwork for which was carried out from 27 March to 23 April 2007. The study investigated plant and animal life of the Cravens Peak, Bush Heritage Reserve, Queensland. Click on the "order form" on the publications main page order this publication.

Listed below are the research reports, which form the bulk of the publication.

Project Title

Project Team

Cravens Peak Scientific Study Aquatic survey April 2007

Vanessa Bailey (Project Leader), Adam Kerezsy , Wendy Williams and Joan Powling 

Some observation on the temporal activity of nocturnal small vertebrates and large invertebrates in three habitats at Cravens Peak in South-western Queensland

Dennis Black and Peter Pridmore assisted by Marina Black and Run Hua Pridmore

A Botanical survey

Trevor Blake

Moths and Butterflies (Lepidoptera) of the Cravens Peak Bush Heritage reserve

Ted Edwards and Michelle Glover

Cicadas of the eastern segment of the Cravens Peak Reserve, North-eastern Simpson Desert, SW Queensland; January/February 2007

Tony Ewart

Soil Invertebrate diversity in different landscape units at Cravens Peak with a focus on Collembola

Penny Greenslade

A vertebrate fauna survey of Cravens Peak, far western Queensland

Ian Gynther, Eric Vanderduys, Alex Kutt and Harry Hines

Assemblage pattern in the vertebrate fauna of Cravens Peak, far western Queensland

Alex Kutt, Harry Hines, Ian Gynther and Eric Vanderduys

Baseline studies of beetles (Coleoptera) of Cravens Peak area

Cate Lemann and Tom Weir

Baseline studies of aquatic and semi-aquatic Hemiptera of Cravens Peak area

Cate Lemann and Tom Weir

Observations on the biology of the Desert Shovelfoot Frog (Notaden nichollsi) in South Western Queensland

Peter Pridmore and Dennis Black

Jumping spiders (Salticidax: Aranaea) found or predicted to be found on Cravens Peak Station

Barry Richardson

Vascular plants collected during the Cravens Peak Study

Megan Thomas and Gerry Turpin

A vegetation communities and regional ecosystems survey and mapping of Cravens Peak

Gerry Turpin and Megan Thomas

Report on the geology of parts of the Cravens Peak area, Georgina Basin

Stuart Watt

The Birds of the Bush Heritage, Cravens Peak Reserve

Birds Australia South Queensland - Dez Wells (Project leader) , Eric Anderson, Chris Armstrong, Evan Cleland, Diana O'Connor, Donalda Rogers and Grahame Rogers