Contributing to Queensland by Degrees

Everyone is welcome to be part of creating our "community geography". We'd especially welcome classes or individual students sending information on points and squares. For some of the hard-to-get to places, we hope that property owners, local council staff, travellers, anyone out there, will detour to the point, take some photos and fill in the Collection Form.

We'd like you to take photos (preferably digital) looking to the N, S, E and W from the point, and record information on the Collection Form. You only need to fill in as much of the form as you feel confident about. You may want to concentrate on aspects relating to the point itself. We can supplement your information from other sources for descriptions of the degree squares. The Collector's Guide is designed to help you get to the point, fill in the Form and send us the information.

We're happy for people to tell us in advance which points they will describe. We think this will be especially useful for the difficult places. That way two groups/individuals won't make a big effort to get there, only to find their information has been duplicated. But if you're near a point that has already been done or reserved, feel free to collect information and photos as well. Maybe the first person will never get there. Maybe your record will include extra information.

We're not too hung up about getting to the exact point. If it's on private property and it's hard to get permission, if it's in the middle of a swamp, if it's half way down a steep cliff, then just get as near as you can. A GPS makes it easy, or else practice your map-reading skills.

Get out there and get geoging.