In 2002 Queensland commemorated the bicentenary of Matthew Flinders' circumnavigation of Australia. This voyage proved that New South Wales to the east and New Holland to the west were part of the one landmass, which Flinders called Australia.

On this website you will find information on the voyage (look at the Journal extracts for what Flinders did at particular locations) and on the many ways Queenslanders marked this bicentenary.

Commemoration of the bicentenary in Queensland continues into 2003 as Flinders, in our waters again on his return journey to England, was in a ship wrecked on Wreck Reef. His remarkable journey in a small boat back to Sydney to get help will be commemorated and a plaque placed on the reef.

We encourage you to continue planting Flindersia trees as an ongoing contribution to our environment and consider entering your school in the Arbor Day Flinders Tree Planting Award for 2003.

The classroom activities included on this site relate to the Queensland syllabuses. These activities are suitable for school use beyond the period of the bicentenary.

The Queensland celebrations of the Flinders Bicentenary have been financially supported by the Queensland Government.

Commemorative activities in Queensland were coordinated by the Flinders 2002 Queensland Committee.

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