A Shadier Alternative

A Shadier Alternative – A transition unit for the middle phase of schooling

A Shadier Alternative invites years 7 & 8 students to become active participants in their school through the geographic investigation of shade. Beginning with the amount and types of shade found on their school grounds, students explore climate and how it affects them, as well as people in other areas. There are multiple opportunities throughout the unit for students to get out of the classroom and do "hands on" work around their school, as well as integrated computer use. The unit is designed to be engaging, stimulating and thought-provoking, and uses a topic relevant to every Queensland child to present its lessons.

Shade maps, comparisons between natural and built shade, investigations of UV levels and the solar spectrum, and development of shade recommendations all foster interest in the subject and get students thinking about how UV levels and the local climate affect their health and day-to-day lives. Resources have been provided wherever appropriate to ease teachers' use of the unit, as well as numerous assessment opportunities.

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