Universities in Queensland and Beyond

The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) has all the information you could ever need about tertiary studies in Queensland, so here we're just providing links to the universities in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Once you reach the university you're interested in, search around. The course you're looking for may not be called "geography" – it may be listed under urban planning or GIS or any number of other titles.

If you're interested in going further afield to study, these interstate tertiary admissions centres may be able to help you

The University of Tasmania has its own admissions centre, as does Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory, and Notre Dame Australia in Western Australia


There are seven continents on earth - how many of them have great Geography departments? Here are some we know of, if you'd like your favourite to be included in the list below, email the URL to us!


North America