Water Ways

Water Ways – How do we save our waterways?

This unit introduces students to the real life topic of fresh water (which all children can relate to) for learning about a range of concepts and issues within Studies of the Society and Environment. Through communication and participation in the modules' activities, students consider their own and others' interaction with water and how they can take simple measures to protect, conserve and appreciate water as a valued resource. The unit focuses on both conservation of freshwater resources, and protection of freshwater from pollution.

The unit contains 17 suggested lessons that move students' thinking progressively outward from the water nearest to them, to global water issues. Activities such as a water cycle role-play, mapping water use at home and at school, conducting personal interviews, measuring the health of their local creek and participating in National Water Week enthuse students about the topic and encourage them to become good water stewards.

Plenty of interesting, well-designed resources are included that make it easy for teachers to include this unit in their teaching plans. Although specifically targeted to year 4, the unit can be taught to years 3 – 7 with minor modifications.

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