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The RGSQ Collection

The RGSQ has a collection of materials comprises a substantial library (called the Ken Sutton Memorial Library - named after a former President) which holds a variety of paper-based and audiovisual material. As well, the collection includes maps, photographs, the RGSQ’s own archives, and a small but significant collection of artefacts and artworks. 

The following outline of the collection is presented by category, however it should be noted that some categories overlap hence some items are equally applicable to more than one category.

  • Text Library, comprising books, periodicals, atlases and travel guides and teaching materials.
  • Maps, comprising maps, charts and plans.
  • Archives, comprising the RGSQ’s own records and records of significant society members.
  • Images, comprising photographs, slides and electronic images.
  • Artworks, artefacts and scrapbooks.
  • Society memorabilia and special objects such as medals, designs, and the lantern slide projector 
  • Sundry collections such as the collection of Queensland places information donated in the early 1990s.

In 2017 the Society commissioned Judith McKay and Bill Kitson to prepare a report, Royal Geographical Society Of Queensland; Significance Assessment of the Collection, to explore the significance of the documents and artefacts contained in the collections.

As a result, in an internal review of the management of the collection it is under way. It is expected to recommend the implementation of a library information system to catalogue the collection, and to improve access to it for members of the Society, researchers and interested members of geographic community.  It is hoped that on-line access to the catalog will be provided through the Trove service maintained by the National Library of Australia.

As an of example of this planned service the following search tool will return information from Trove.  

Try this. Copy the following:

Royal Geographical Society of Queensland

and paste it in the Trove search box below to see what material they have relating to the Society.

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