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Upcoming events

    • 25 Sep 2018
    • 7:15 PM - 9:00 PM
    • USC, Sunshine Coast, Lecture Theatre 2

    RGSQ Lecture Series

    Ian Stehbens, RGSQ Fellow

    The lecture will demonstrate the way geographical education and practice contribute effectively to the building of sustainable peace in divided societies. By identifying the critical elements of culture, leadership, beliefs, viewpoint and then the art and soul of peacebuilding, a framework for making a difference will emerge.

    Ian Stehbens and Megawati Sukarnoputri collaborating in Indonesia to achieve a non-violent response to the second Bali Blasts

    Experience has taught that conflict resolution is a false god, for it often maintains injustice and can readily invest inappropriate power. Rather, conflict transformation has become the approach to achieving just-peace, whereby the energies of all parties are redirected to achieving the shared dream and common hope.

    Powerful stories from experience will be shared, leading into the presentation of a holistic model of peacebuilding. The model maps the renegotiation of identity which is necessary to address the past then maps the transformational processes that create the future. This will allow an overview of curricula that were developed in order to train peace builders from diverse cultures, religious identities, and for an array of conflicts.

    What was thought was not possible in Bali, what was deemed too dangerous in Guadalcanal, when escalation was planned for Bougainville, when generational hatreds were valued in Pakistan, when the traditional peacemakers had abandoned their tribes in PNG Highlands, when talatalas justified violence against women in Fiji, when the country of Burundi was classified as the basket case nation in the world by UN… then there were courageous peace builders…. “and the miracle happened!”

    Bio: Geographic insights and literacy are crucial in addressing environmental, geopolitical, economic and national security issues. Geographer, Ian Stehbens, has been a significant contributor to the transforming of conflicts in the South Pacific and South East Asia from 1995-2009, most notably at first in French Polynesia, then Bougainville and Bali.

    Ian Stehbens was influenced by Dr John Paul Lederach, the internationally renowned peacebuilder, from whom he gained the confidence to establish Pacific Peacebuilding Initiatives Ltd in 2004. He is a published author of geography textbooks, educational resources, family history and peacebuilding curricula

    Venue: Lecture Theatre 2 (K Block) Parking area P6

    • 26 Sep 2018
    • 10:00 AM
    • Fryer Library, University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus
    Registration is closed

    Map SIG Event

    The Fryer Memorial Library of Australian Literature was founded in 1927 in honour of John Denis Fryer and provides a rich store of books, manuscripts, photographs, architectural drawings, oral histories and much more.  An extensive collection of published and unpublished material focuses on Australian literature, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies, Queensland history, art and architecture. We will view:

    • The map collection, especially historic maps of Queensland or other parts of Australia, and
    • related maps, books or journals on Queensland’s 19th century Explorers.  It is Map Group’s understanding that the Fryer Library has some significant books/journals of Leichhardt’s Expeditions in Queensland.

      Location: Fryer Library, Duhig Building #2 This map also details car parking and public transport facilities for the St Lucia campus.

      LunchLunch afterwards is at Wordsmiths Cafe, Building 4, 2 Staff House Rd, St Lucia QLD 4072.  A booking has been made for 12.30 pm for a table of 20. (pending final numbers)

      Menu: it will be the usual cafe offerings. Since it is mid-semester break, we will be able to order on the day however, in order to prepare they need to have numbers.

       Coordinator: Kay Rees email: mob: 0402 101 555

      • 2 Oct 2018
      • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
      • University of Queensland, Steele Building, Room 206

      RGSQ Lecture Series - Inaugural Ken Sutton Lecture

      Since European occupation of Australia, human activities have caused the dramatic decline and sometimes extinction of many of the continent’s unique species. In his lecture, Professor James Watson will describe the causes of the decline and extinction, and explain how Australia’s biodiversity crisis is very different to the crisis being felt elsewhere.

      “What becomes of Australia’s biodiversity in the contemporary era?”

      the inaugural Ken Sutton lecture will be delivered by Professor James Watson - 2018 Ken Sutton award recipient

      awarded for his outstanding contribution to geography and globally recognised work in conservation

      Cost: Entry Free

      Venue: University of Queensland, Steele Building, Room 206

      Refreshments: after the lecture, in the Global Change Institute, adjacent to Steele Building.

      RSVP: by September 26

      James is a Professor at University of Queensland, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and is passionate about Australian conservation, especially when it comes to saving its most imperilled species. He leads the Green Fire Science research group; serves on several United Nations programs including, the International Panel for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services; the Environment Program and the Global Programme on Nature for Development. He was also the founding chair of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature climate change specialist group.

      The Ken Sutton Trust


      Geographical Education, Scholarship and Research

      Ken Sutton B.Ed., F.R.G.S., F.R.F.S.A., M.A.C.E. was prominent in geographical education in Queensland and Australia. A geography teacher for many years, he was a founder of the Geography Teachers Association of Queensland and served as its President from 1972 to 1974. He was also founder of the Australian Geography Teachers Association of which he was President from 1974 to 1976. From 1983 to 1985 Ken Sutton was President of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia (Queensland) Inc.

      The Ken Sutton Trust, established via a bequest from the Ken Sutton estate in 1988, is dedicated to providing a platform for the best Geographical or Geographical Education work in Australia to be promoted through an endowed lecture mini-series and publication. The prize is awarded for the most exciting new research in a geographical field or geographical education undertaken by an Australian geographer.

      The Trust serves as an everlasting reminder of Ken Sutton's legacy in geographical education.

      • 8 Oct 2018
      • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
      • 11 Kerrianne Place, Moorooka 4105

      Map Group Gathering

      A presentation by various Map Group members who have mapping backgrounds.  David Carstens will explain difficulties involved in the production of a map at Mawson in Antarctica in 1963 and relate "a typical error" in the Readers Digest Atlas.

      Paul Coghlan describes the Engineering Consequences of a Survey Error.

      James Hansen will cover errors by Ptolemy, deliberate errors by Columbus and errors by Corrigan.

      Stuart Watt will show that "Even the best can miss a detail” (An error of scale on an orienteering map).

      Gold coin donation for morning tea.

      Transport: Members to make own arrangements. Car pooling is recommended since parking is limited.

      • 13 Oct 2018
      • 9:00 AM
      • Meet at Canungra
      • 1

      Treks & Activities Event

      This walk in the O`Reilly`s area of Lamington National Park will be approximately 10kms but there are places that people many leave if they do not want to go that far.

      We will walk down the Wishing Tree track, along the upper reach of Morans Creek, along a 4WD road to a lookout area and have morning tea here.

      From here we follow the Morans Falls graded track uphill to meet the road. There are a few steps here also a good view of the Falls. Then out to Python Rock with good views. From here we will if the group, or some of the group, wish to continue on a trail to the fabulous West Cliff for lunch. After this back to O`Reilly`s for coffee at the cafe.

      Must take : A small backpack with rain jacket, small first aid kit, torch (although you shouldn`t need it !) something warm to wear and morning tea, lunch and 1/2 – 2 L water. Sturdy shoes/boots must be worn as the ground is rough. Don`t forget sun and insect protection and a hat.

      We may be able to organise car pooling from Brisbane. Please indicate your preferences when registering or talk to the RGSQ office.

      Meet: Opposite Post Office Canungra at 08:00. 

      Coordinator: Mary Comer
      Enquiries: - (07) 3368 2066

      • 5 Nov 2018
      • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
      • 11 Kerrianne Place, Moorooka 4105

      Map Group Event

      A presentation by Map Group members

      3 short (20 minute) presentations made by Map Group members, Les Isdale "Mapping Before Digits"; Jim Graham and Peter Nunan "What's in RGSQ Library and Map Collection?"; Len Lowry "From Lines to Coordinates" followed by lunch at the Ho Choi Chinese restaurant  Moorooka 4105 (Note; Lunch venue may change if RGSQ has new premises)

      Transport: Members to make own arrangements. Car pooling is recommended since parking is limited.

      • 6 Nov 2018
      • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
      • Magda Community Artz, Bardon

      RGSQ Lecture Series

      Kathryn Scott

      • 3 Dec 2018
      • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
      • 11 Kerrianne Place, Moorooka 4105

      Map Group Gathering

      Members are encouraged to bring along an interesting artefact or map for "Show and Tell".

      Cost: Gold coin donation for morning tea. Members to bring a plate to share.

      Transport: Members to make own arrangements. Car pooling is recommended since parking is limited.

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