The Library

The Society's library is open to the public but only members may borrow from it. The library holds a good selection of geographical books, maps, magazines and audiovisual items. Members can arrange loans by e-mail, phone, fax or in person. They may also request subject listings of books.

The book collection specializes in Queensland - particularly exploration and early settlement, and regional studies of Queensland. The Society holds a wide range of topographic and thematic maps of Queensland. It also holds a wide selection of National Geographic maps, many of which have graphic material on the reverse. Popular geographical magazines in the library include:

  • Australian geographic
  • Canadian geographic
  • Ecos (Aus)
  • Geographical (UK)
  • Habitat (Aus)
  • National geographic (USA)
  • New Zealand geographic

The library also holds geographic education journals, including some which contain examples of teaching material:

  • Geodate (Aus)
  • Geographical education (Aus)
  • Interaction (Vic)
  • Issues (Aus)
  • Journal of geography (USA)
  • Primary geographer (UK)
  • Queensland geographer
  • Teaching geography (UK)

Some classroom audiovisual material (mainly videos) is available for loan.