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How to register for Events

The Royal Geographical
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RGSQ recommends that all attendees at lectures and events be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or exempt.

It is suggested that RGSQ members login. The system uses your member email as the key to provide you with services, some of which may only be visible when you are logged in.

The free Wild Apricot for Members App on your IOS (Apple) or Android phone is very useful. You can book and pay for events on the go, check all the events that you have booked and set automatic reminders for each in your calendar. The RGSQ website is mobile friendly - give it a go.

Terms and Conditions

It is a condition of acceptance of an application for an Event registration that the participant acknowledges that:

  • they will act responsibly and follow all reasonable directions of the Event Leader,
  • they are aware of the general nature of the Event, and that physical requirements for participation are within their capability,
  • there is no underlying medical condition likely to emerge which could adversely impact on conduct of the Event,
  • they will withdraw from participating in the Event should they develop Covid symptoms, or symptoms of any other condition with high transmission potential to other participants.

The name, relationship to, and mobile phone number of an emergency contact, other than another Event participant, who can be contacted on the day of, or during the Event is to be provided at the time of registration.”

RGSQ TAAC Administration and Procedures Manual.pdf

Member Registration

Simply click the event Registration button and follow the instructions.

The system will auto fill the registration with your known details.  It is mandatory that the member affirms their Covid vaccination status, otherwise the system will not progress with the registration.

Members may also register guests who must be members, because they will be charged at the member rate. Only the name is required for guest registration, other contact information, such as, email and phone, is optional. The Covid vaccination status for each guest must be confirmed otherwise the system will not progress with the registration.

Members can register additional persons (members or the public) at any time by returning to or starting at the event 'Registration'. The event may tell you that you are already registered - hit the 'Registration' button anyway. When registering multiple persons, if you do not know their email then leave the email as yours. They will be registered under your email, but you must fill in their proper name and Covid-19 vaccination status.

After completing any or all registrations, if there was a fee, you can either 'Pay online' to pay now, or 'Invoice Me' to pay later. You may pay 'online' at a later time/date by checking invoices in your Profile. You may also register additional people at any time. Attendance at an event will only be confirmed after payment.

Non-Member Registration

Registration for non-members is similar to that for members as above, other than the difference in registration fees. Non-members must confirm that they are fully vaccinated otherwise the registration process will not proceed.

Pay online ONLY

Some events require payment within 15 minutes of registration by credit or debit card. If payment is not completed within this time tyou will advised by email that your registration has been cancelled.

To “pay offline” either:

  1. Phone the RGSQ office (07 3368 2066) and ask a staff member to pay on your behalf using your card details, or
  2. Provide cash or a cheque to the RGSQ office with a copy of the Tax Invoice/s.

Your attendance will not be confirmed until your payment is completed.

Additional help is available from Wild Apricot registration help.

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