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RGSQ Administration 2018/19

The Society is managed by a voluntary Council elected from its members. The Council is supported by the office staff and various committees of members as required. The Society's Constitution can be viewed here, while the 2018 Council Report to Members can be accessed here.

Dr Iraphne Childs

Vice President

Ms Margaret McIvor

Mr Christopher Spriggs

Mr Paul Broad
Dr Jen Carter
Dr Duncan Cook
Mr Ian Francis
Mr Leo Scanlan
Mr John Tasker
Mr Neal O'Connor

Lilia Darii (Business Manager)
Bernard Fitzpatrick (AGC Coordinator)
Rosie Catt (Administrative Assistant, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Committees 2019

Australian Geography Competition: Bernard Fitzpatrick (AGC Coordinator), M McIvor (RGSQ), J Tasker (RGSQ), J Davis (AGTA), S Albertson (AGTA), K Berg (RGSQ)

Property:  P Broad (Chair), I Francis, N O'Connor, P Tonkin

Collections: P Griggs (Chair), M Alison, P Lloyd, P Nunan, J Graham,  J Fairbairn

Finance: C Spriggs (Chair), J Nowill, P Griggs, I Childs, L Darii

Honours: J Holmes, L Isdale, L Scanlan, D Wadley, D Cook

Publications: D Cook (Chair), I Childs, P Griggs, S Phinn, A Lau

Scientific Studies: I Childs (Chair), P Nunn, J Shulmeister, K Scott, T Sigler, N O'Conner

RGSQ Traveller: L Scanlan (Chair), I Childs, L Darii, S Scanlan

Treks and Activities Committee: C Spriggs and W Mackenzie(Co-chairs), M Comer, A Johnston, P Lambert, J Lamont, B Reid

The Royal Geographical Society of Queensland Inc
Gregory Place, Level 1/28 Fortescue St, Spring Hill Qld 4000
Tel 07 3368 2066
ABN 87 014 673 068

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