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“Medicine - on Ice and on the Rocks”

 Tue November 7, 7:30 pm, Gregory House”, 237 MIlton Rd, Milton

Medical Director of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Australia Pty Ltd, Dr. Andrew Peacock is a photographer drawn to documenting the landscapes, people and activities where adventure meets nature, or as he calls it: “adventure travel.”

Tents Pakistan Lake Mountains

Base Camp, Trango Tower expedition, Pakistan. Photo by Dr Andrew Peacock.

Andrew is a multiple category finalist for the past five years in the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. His work can be seen at Footloosefotography


Although very familiar with the emergency room interior of many hospitals around Australia, Dr. Andrew Peacock has pursued a career in medicine largely outside hospital walls. From the mountains of Alaska and Pakistan to the ice of Antarctica, Andrew seeks to combine his adventure skills with the provision of medical care on expeditions around the world.

His presentation will recount some of the stories of these journeys spent juggling the professional demands of medical care in remote environments with a desire to produce creative and compelling imagery of the landscapes and people encountered. The presentation will showcase his award winning professional photography. 



October 26:  Southern Moreton Bay Island trip 

To book: contact RGSQ at 07 3368 2066 or email at info@rgsq.org.au 

Somewhat less visited than the tourist oriented North and South Stradbroke Islands are the four ‘residential’ islands of southern Moreton Bay – Russell and Macleay, each with populations of around 2,500 and Lamb and Karragarra which each have less than 500 residents. The best known island is Russell probably as a result of the (in)famous land scam of the 1970s based partly on the rumour of a bridge from the mainland.


A presentation of Wainwright’s Classic 304 km walk across England

To book: contact RGSQ at 07 3368 2066 or email info@rgsq.org.au  

The walk was completed by six friends in 17 days averaging 18 km per day during a midyear drought when there were water restrictions in London. Navigation was based on having a detailed guidebook and quality Ordnance Survey topographic maps backed up with compass and hand-held GPS.


Time: 10.30am – 12.00 noon

Where: Strangers’ Dining Room, Queensland Parliament House

To book: contact RGSQ at 07 3368 2066 or email info@rgsq.org.au  

Parliament House, Brisbane, seen from the end of George Street, Brisbane. Image: Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

December 5 : RGSQ Christmas Celebration

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